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Benefits Of TOEFL

                TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a test that measures your ability to speak, read, and write in English at a college or university. This test is one of the best measure of whether you are ready to attend college in an English speaking school. While you may think that you speak and write English well, doing so at the college level is completely different, especially if you’ve learned as a foreign language.

            What is contained in the TOEFL? Internet-based test is a good or a paper-based. Both are testing the same thing, but in a slightly different format. This assessment is to test your ability to read, listen, speak and write English. You will be asked to read passages and then answer questions on them. You will also be asked to listen to a lecture which is a college-level courses, followed by more questions. Some tasks will require a verbal answer, and you will be asked to write two parts. Lectures, reading passages, and questions are all designed to reflect the types of tasks you will be asked to perform at the college level.

Who needs the TOEFL? Students who wish to attend the English-speaking university or college but have learned English as a foreign language must take the TOEFL before applying to the school of their choice. Many schools require scores from these tests for admission. Even if your school does not require it, have a good score can help you have an advantage over other applicants if there are limited openings available.

Beyond the admission requirements, the TOEFL will help you assess whether you have the skills necessary for academic situations in the school of your choice. You will need to be able to hear the lectures, write papers, and verbally communicate with teachers and classmates. TOEFL will show you whether you have reached the level of English fluency. If you need more practice, preparing for the exam will give you that practice.

Benefits of TOEFL – TOEFL is the assessment of English fluency accepted by more than 6,000 institutions. You might think that all this is in America or Great Britain, but they are spread all over the world in 110 countries. Nearly every university in the English-speaking countries such as the major U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, use TOEFL scores to determine whether or not non-English speakers can be admitted to their programs, received a scholarship, or enter graduate school.

Another benefit of the TOEFL test of English proficiency on the other is the fact that there are more than 4,000 test centers you can use. If you must travel, you will save time and money because the tests can be completed in one day.

This TOEFL type is usually need for them who wants to entrance the college for undergraduate and graduate program. TOEFL exam use to considering about our English skill for us to study abroad. TOEFL is oriented on American English that different from British English.

In the other side TOEFL use for employee recruitment. Sometimes, it use when we do interview test. Many companies need TOEFL to know about our English skill in passive or active. Because, world of business has developed in communication like write business letter for our business partner that they live in other country. So, we required to be able to speak English.

TOEFL is English skill examination that we need to entrance the Universities or college in USA or many other countries in the world. This examination is important for us that our mother tongue isn’t English. This TOEFL examination is held by ETS (Educational Testing Service).

This TOEFL type is usually need for them who wants to entrance the college for undergraduate and graduate program. TOEFL exam use to considering about our English skill for us to study abroad. TOEFL is oriented on American English that different from British English.

That’s why we need to learn about English or get a course for English. We need to learn more vocabularies then we learn grammar to know the structure. Or we can watch English film in cinema or television series. It can make us to know more about speak English.

And then, we learn about how to differentiate the pronunciation of the vocabularies. Because, sometimes there are some words that writing the same but pronounced differently. So, we can learn from listening to the music that use English Language. It can make us distinguish the pronunciation as well as the means.

The most important of learning English is the conversation. We need to looking for partner to make a conversation as well as we can. And we must practice our skill language in life. Make a habit to speak English to our partner or our family. So we’re used to and it becomes easy  when we follow TOEFL test and the value obtained to meet the required standards.

There are two types of test to do, the first is Computer-Based Test (CBT) and the second is the Paper-Based Test (PBT). Some agencies TOEFL test organizer, sometimes coupled with Writing. The difference of these two types of test in a CBT test is done using the computer while the media are not PBT. Another difference is the scale value of the TOEFL test, CBT is the value on the scale 0-300, while the PBT is 310-677.

TOEFL test value below 450 indicates that proficiency in English is still the standard (or even lower) so it is advisable to follow the English language. While the value of 450-499 indicates that English language skills above average but there are still some things that need to be established again (Reviewed) is in its structure, listening, or reading it depends where the lowest value.

Finally, this test gives you can measure your English language skills. Test scores are anonymous, and no interviews are included as part of the process. If you know English well, you will score well, plain and simple. TOEFL is the best measure of your ability to succeed in an English language course.

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