Dikumpulkan Untuk tugas Mata Kuliah Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 ( TOEFL) tugas ketiga

Tugas 40 Soal

Nama : Andita Nurul Chusna

NPM : 12209722

Kelas : 4EA03


1. “Your are welcome to order the goods now.”

 “But the Payment should be made … ”

For advance


In advance

To advance

Answer : C. In advance

 Reason: Shawing a payment is paid before the goods given.

 2. “Where do you live now?”

 “I live in Utah ; my … ”

Parents too do

Parents do

Parents do, too

Parents also do

 Answer: C. Parents do, too.

 Reason : It has a meaning that “my parents also live in Utah”, but it uses the word off too instead of also.

 3. I cannot understand my neigbor’s accent. I wish she would …

Speak clearer

Clearer speak

More slearly speak

Speak more clearly

Answer: D. Speak more clearly

Reason : More clearly explains how i want my neighbour to speak that so i can understand.

 4. “Why are you driving so fast?”

 “I’m …”

Must be hurry

In hurry

In a hurry


Answers: C. In a hurry

Reason : Hurry is a noun, so to show it, it should be written with a.

 5. I have your music CD. I think I … your concert video.

Also have

Have too

Too have

Have further

 Answer : A. Also have

 Reason: I use also because too should be ( S + modal AUX ( + V1 +Obj ) + too )

 6. I hear you have started a new job. … like it?

How do you


What you

What do you

 Answer : A. How do you

 Reason: Asking the feel of new condition.

 7. I really have to go now. I have … the doctor.

Appoitments to

An appoitment to

Appoitment with

An appoitment with

 Answer : D. An appoinment with

 Reason : It may have meaning that “ i have a scheduled meeting with –not to- the doctor”

 8. I can meet you at Central Station. Will …?

Convenient for you

That convenient

That be convenient

You be convenient

 Answer : D. You be Convenient

 Reason: It’s to ask whether you are available or having time to meet.

 9. I don’t have any results for you today. I … tomorrow.

Have any

May have any

Have some

May have some

 Anwer : D. May have some.

 Reason: Because it’s a positive santence.

10. I would rather … a quiet cup of coffee in the office than sit in a noisy cafe.


To have


Prefer to have

 Answer  : A. Have

 Reason  : Would rather + V1

 11. “Where … last weekend?”

 “I went to see my aunt and uncle.”

Are you go

Do you go

Have you went

Did you go

 Answer : D. Did you go

 Reason   : Is about past activity, so the answer must use past form (did).

 12. I was very surprised … that she didn’t pass the exam.”


To hearing

At hearing

To hear

 Answer            : D. To hear

 Reason            : In the form of to invinitive / V1.

13. “Why …  she isn’t speaking to us ?”

“We must have done something that upset her. She just too sensitive.”

Are you think

Are you imagine

Do you think

You think

 Answer  : C. Do you think

 Raeson   : It asks about someone opinion on someone’s reason.

 14. I hope that this winter won’t be … last.

As cold as

So cols as

As cold like

So cold like

 Answer            : A. As cold as

 Reason            : As + Adjective + as. Compharation simmilar.

 15. Sorry to be late. I was delayed by …”

A heavy traffic

Heavy traffic

Some heavy traffic

Traffic being heavy

 Answer : B. Heavy traffic

 Reason : It’s a uncountable noun, so we may not use a or same for heavy                             traffic.

16. The sky is getting dark. It … rain is on its way. 


Looks like

Seems to

Will be

Answer            : C. Seems to

Reason       : By seeing the condition of the sky, we may predict that it’s going torain.

 17. Would you do me a small favour? I … very much.

Appreciate it

Would appreciate

Would be appreciate

Would appreciate it

 Answer            : D. Would appreciate it.

 Reason            : Would + v1. For lightness

 18. I am familiar with that product. I dont know … times i’ve seen it advertised on TV.

How many

How often

How much

Many ofen

 Answer   : A. How many

 Reason   : There is a word of times and how many + times

19. “When _____ leaving for Toronto, Canada?”

 “We are planning to set out at 10 o’clock.”

Are we

Will we

Will us

Are us

Answer : A. Are we

Reason: V-ing always follows to be. 

20. I asked robert when he could fix my leaking up tap. He said that he would come round and fix it …

As much as possible

As possible as he could

As fast as he could possibly

As soon as possible

 Answer: D. As soon as possible.

 Reason: some kind of Indirect Speech

 21. “Do you know … that building is?”

 “I would say that was built at least 100 tears ago.”


How age

How old

Which age

 Answer: C. How old

 Reason : To ask about someone / something

 22. That man told us that the next train would arrive …

At three thirty

At three thirty o’clock

In three thirty

In three thirty o’clock

 Answer: A. At three thirty

 Reason: At is to show the tim

 23. “How … a crowd had gathered at the scene of accident?”

 “I dont’t know exactly, but there were a lot of shocked onlooker.”





 Answer: A. Large

 Reason: It’s to ask about the amount of the crowd.

 24. That is the city …  worst crime record.

On the

In the

With the

For the

 Answer: B. In the

 Reason  : it’s meaning “ That is the city in ( which ) the worst crime record”.

 25. “Where should i put this key?”

 “You can … it on the shelf.”





 Answer  : D. Put

 Reason: Present Future


 26. Write a book is trully a process, and one that is immposible to complete without considerable assistence from many others.

 Answer : Writing

 Reason: V1 must be in the form of gerund (V-ing).

 27. The first section of this book will probably be most help to you right now.

 Answer  : Helpfull

 Raeson  : it must be adjective

 28. My slow and steady approach to the challenge of sleep focus on using this challenge as an opportunity to help you ans your baby.

Answer: Focuses 

Reason: it uses the verb + es/s (singular verb)

29. Other parents might wanted to incrporate other calming rituals, such as singing a lullaby, saying prayers, or telling a story.

 Answer  : Want

 Reason   : after might it must be v1

 30. If you wait to return until a child is crying or calling for you, you are sending them the very clear message that these calls and cries will lead to your return, and there by motivating these behaviors.

 Answer: Motivate

 Reason  : It’s pararel sentence.

 31. Just knowing that i would returned was enough to let him stay quitely in his bed

 Answer: Return

 Reason  : “would” should be in the form of v1

 32. When children awake at night, as they all will at some point, you face an additional challenge : Getting your child back to sleep when you are probably mostly asleep yourself.

 Answer: Most

 Reason  : There aren’t 2 adverbs put closely in the same sentence

 33. It seems to me that my previous position have afforded me just the experience needed to enable me to do work required in your office to your satisfaction.

 Answer: Positions

 Reason  : The noun should be plural – added by “s” modal aux, like “would”                          should be

34. This feeding should be done quick and quitly so that you don’t provide unnecessary stimulation and excitement.

 Answer: Quickly

 Reason  : Must be adverb

 35. I have been told by Mr. John L. Peterson, manager of credit, The Bussiness Book Publishing Company, New York, with whom i believed you acuainted that you are expecting to making some additions to you accounting staff in January 2013.

 Answer  : Make

 Reason  : The verb after “to” should be in the form of V1

 36. I shall be in Rio de Janiero in January, i hope that you given me an interview at sometime convinient to you during that month.

 Answer: Give

 Reason: Must be v1

37. Thank you very much for calling to my attention the possible vacancies in the Accounting Departement at the Brazilian branch of the International Bussiness Book Company on Rio de Janiero.

Answer  : in

Reason  : must be in because it’s a place

38. In the school year of 2006 – 2008, i take two courses with you, “Accounting Problems” and “Cost Accounting” at Bronx Community Collage in the evening section

Answer : Took

Reason: because it has already happened it must be Past tense 

39. I am great interested in the position as you outline it to me.

 Answer : Greatly

 Reason  : Must be adverb

 40. You may not relishing continually buying pacifiers or having multiple back up pacifiers with you at all time.

 Answer : Relish

 Reason  : after may not is followed by v1, modal aux like “may”

 Soal 50 Baru :

      1. I am slow to …

express my opinion

express my viewing

make my views

make my opinion

Answer : express my opinion

Reason : because just opinion adverb

2.      2. I have to have this report finished …

 by Friday

 until Friday

Friday before

Friday beginning

Answer : by Friday

Reason : time signal for future activity

3.      3. We were fortunate enough to visit the Grand Canyon. It has …

beautiful scenery that is much

many beautiful landscapes

many beautiful sceneries

much beautiful scenery

Answer : much beautiful scenery

Reason : showing uncountable noun

4.      4. The car was parked directly … the diner


ahead of

in front of


Answer : in front of

Reason : preposition of place

5.      5. The ski resorts are usually crowded. There are many people … skiing


that enjoying

who enjoy

who enjoying

Answer : who enjoying

Reason : in progress activity

6.      6. It is already 3 o’clock. Can you … time to catch the bus ?

have enough

have it in

make in

 make it in

Answer : make it in

Reason : same meaning with be successful

7.      7. I went to have my glasses …



fit on

fitted on

Answer : fitted

Reason : same meaning with be fitted

8.      8. Mary’s house is … the hair salon. Do you think you can find it ?


near to


next to

Answer : next to

Reason : same meaning with beside

9.      9. The burning stick was very hot. He let … just in time

alone it

go alone it

go it

go of it

Answer : go of it

Reason : it be cool

D   10. Do we have … money to last us the week ?

alot of


plenty of


Answer : enough

Reason : just the right answer

         11. John decided … golf on weekends

To begin

To commence

To take up

To start up

Answer : to start up

Reason : just the right answer

     12.  It … to me whether we meet them or not

Make no difference

Make not a difference

Is indifereent

Is not a different

Answer : make no diferrence

Reason : 

1  13.  We were … after all the hard work

wear out


weary out

worn  out

Answer : weary out

Reason : adj which means tired 

     14.  We saw … wild animals while in vacation

Quite a few

Quite much

Quite many

Quite some

Answer : quite many

Reason : to show the amount of countable noun 

    15.  They are late as usual. I don’t think we should … them

Await for

Wait for

Await on

Wait on

Answer : wait for

Reason : 

    16.  Are you … the competition ?


Going entering

Go to enter

Going to enter

Answer : going to enter

Reason : simple future = going to + V1 

1   17.  You had better … the tourist information office

Inquire at

Inquiring at

Inquire to

Inquiring at

Answer : inquire to

Reason : had better +V1

     18.  Ireland was part of the UK, … ?

Didn’t it

Wasn’t it

Hasn’t it

Weren’t it

Answer : tag question = statement + question – / statement – question + 

     19.  They will be … at the party




At present

Answer : presenting

Reason : future continous = will be + V-ing 

     20.  Will they go … the summer ?


To swim


To swimming

Answer : swimming

Reason : gerund = when there are 2 verbs close to each other, the second verb must be in the form of V-ing 

     21.  The New York police were very anxious … about the crime

More learn

Learn more

To more learn

To learn more

Answer : to learn more

Reason : adj + to V1 

     22.  Many excited women could … at the department store sale


Be seen

Be seeing

Be see

Answer : be seen

Reason : passive voice = be + V3 

     23.  The sink in the locker room tends to …



Flow over

Over flowing

Answer : Overflow

Reason : flow over the edge of the sink 

     24.  How long did the baseball game … ?





Answer : Last

Reason : continue for a period of time 

    25.  We must … the annual board meeting tomorrow.


Attend to

Attend in


Answer : attend

Reason : must + V1

——- Andita Nurul Chusna ——-

1.      1. The subway station is … here.


Near to

Near from


Answer : near

Reason : preposition

2.      2. When we woke up, everywhere was … snow.


Covered by

Covered with


Answer : Covered by

Reason : passive voice = be + V3 + by

3.      3. Do earthquakes … often in North America ?


Break out

Happen to


Answer : occur

Reason : same meaning with happen

4.      4. We had better … before it begins to rain.



To leave

To leaving

Answer : leave

Reason : had better + V1

5.      5. A large crown … in front of the train station.


To gather

Had gathered

Had gathering

Answer  : had gathered

Reason : had + V3

6.      6. In winter, driving accidents occur quite … on the highways.





Answer : frequently

Reason : adverb = comes after verb

7.      7. Would you like to … to the United States ?





Answer : travel

Reason : verb

8.      8. Most people at some stage have a feeling …



Of responsibility

To be responsible

Answer  : to be responsible

Reason : comes after noun

9.      9. This stadium can hold …

Much audience

A large audience

Much audiences

Many audiences

Answer : many audiences

Reason : it’s for countable nouns 

   10.  When the mountain forests … , there can be large forest fires.

Become dry

Becoming dry

Become drying


Answer : Become dry

Reason : V1 + adj come after subj

    11.  “What kind of work are you doing for that company?”

“I’m … as an administrator.”





Answer : hired

Reason : being employed 

    12.  “I don’t want to buy anything, do you?”

“Yes , I’d like to buy …“


Much pencils

Any pencils

Some pencils

Answer : Some pencils

Reason : put in positive sentences 

     13.  We can … sports on Saturday if you’d like.





Answer : play

Reason : comes after modal aux     

     14.  … the hotel rooms are reserved throughout peak season.


Almost of

Almost all of

Most of all

Answer : most of all

Reason : identify amount of things 

    15.  “ Where did you work before?”

“I worked only minutes … railroad track.”


From the



Answer : From the

Reason : 

    16.  “I don’t think it will rain at all today, do you?”

“ No , I … so.”

Think not

Not think

Don’t think

Do think not

Answer : Don’t think

Reason : negative sentence 

    17.  We have only another five minutes. I think we …


Be hurry

To hurry

Should hurry

Answer : should hurry

Reason : giving a suggestion 

    18.  Many fans showed up at the stadium. They were … the big game.

Anxious seeing

Anxious to see

To anxiously see

To see anxiously

Answer : Anxious to see

Reason : come after to be 

    19.  “Who did you meet at the community dinner dance?”

“ I met many … people.”





Answer : prominent

Reason : same meaning with very important / famos 

    20.  “John isn’t sure that the meeting will be held tomorrow.”

“I met many … people.”



Am certain

Am certainly

Answer : Am certainly

Reason : same meaning with am sure 

     21.  My brother loves to watch baseball . I … basketball.

Prefer to watch

To prefer watching

Watch preferring

Preferring to watch

Answer : Prefer to watch

Reason : prefer + to V1

    22.  Many people are waiting for the news bulletin. It will … soon.

Be circulate

Circulate around

Come near

Come around

Answer : Circulate around

Reason : verb future 

    23.  I think our guests will …

Be here shortly

Shortly be here

Here be shortly

Here shortly be

Answer : be here shortly

Reason : come after will 

    24.  Who … when John is likely to turn up.


Do know

Is knowing


Answer : knows

Reason : showing a statement 

    25.  The managers are … a new work schedule now.


Arranging up

Be arrange

To arranging

Answer : Arranging

Reason : because is arrange

Nama : Andita Nurul Chusna

 NPM : 12209722

 Kelas : 4EA03

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